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The Motability Scheme Explained

Having a disability shouldn't stop you getting around; you should still be able to enjoy the freedom that a car can provide. At Hendy, customers living with a mental or physical health condition can benefit from the Motability Scheme.

To see whether you're eligible, we've put together a useful guide full of FAQs and information to ensure you get where you need to be in a car that's right for you.

Motability is available across a wide range of our brands, including Dacia, Ford, Kia, Honda, Mazda, Renault, SEAT and Suzuki - please click on the icons below to discover more about your preferred manufacturers and to find out which models are available on the scheme.

What is the Motability scheme?

The Motability Scheme at Hendy is an affordable and worry-free way for you to lease one of many vehicles available in exchange for your mobility allowance.

At Hendy, meeting your driving requirements is our number one priority, and so we want to make sure that you're your Motability vehicle fits the bill. We have over 20 years accreditation with the Motability scheme and a team of Motability specialists on hand to deliver honest, friendly advice to provide you with the best possible service.

Am I eligible for a Motability car?

To be eligible for a Motability car, you must be receiving one of the following:

  • The Higher Rate Component of Disability Living Allowance
  • The Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • The War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement
  • The Enhanced Rate of Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

If you get any of the above, you're entitled to a new Motability car every three years - and customers tend to keep coming back. 92% of Motability customers opt to get another car through the scheme, thanks to the affordability and convenience.

Car makes available from Hendy include:

How it works

The Motability Scheme has been designed to make it easy for you to swap your allowance for a car. There's a sensible pricing structure which covers everything you need. All you have to pay for is fuel. Your options are:

  • Pay less than your mobility allowance. Around 150 cars are available in exchange for some of your benefits. You'll still be paid the remainder of your allowance directly by the Department for Work and Pensions or Veterans UK.
  • Exchange all your weekly mobility allowance. You'll have a choice of more than 300 cars if you use all your benefits.
  • Make a one-off upfront payment. If you're after a more expensive car, you can choose to use all of your allowance and make an advance payment. Depending on what you want to pay, a range of luxury cars are available on the scheme. If it's your first Motability car, you can trade in your existing car to help finance the upfront payment.

Motability call it a worry-free package because all of the following costs are included in your lease:�

  • Insurance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Tyre and windscreen replacement
  • Annual car tax

Choosing Hendy as your Motability provider

At Hendy, meeting your driving requirements is our top priority. We want to make sure you're getting everything you need from your Motability car. We have over 20 years' accreditation with the Motability Scheme and a team of specialists on hand to deliver honest, friendly advice. We'll even come to you for a test drive if you'd prefer.


Motability leases are all contract hire arrangements. It's the most common form of vehicle leasing agreement. Fixed amounts are paid for the duration of the contract and, at the end, you return the car. Most people repeat the process and get another car on the scheme.

At Hendy, we help you arrange for your benefits to be paid directly by the Department for Work and Pensions. Unless you opt for a car lower in value than your mobility allowance, you won't see the money. Motability are responsible for allocating the money as necessary to cover everything that's included.

Some high spec cars will need an upfront payment. We call it an advance payment. It's not a deposit and isn't refunded at the end of your lease.

You would have to call us to discuss. If you cancel any Motability agreement more than 3 times in any 7-year period, it could affect your eligibility.

Cancelling your lease also means you can't get a Good Condition Bonus. This is the scheme's way of saying thank you for returning cars with no damage.

With Motability cars, you get a mileage allowance of 60,000 miles over 3 years. If you go over, the extra miles will be charged at 5p a mile.

If you've driven fewer than 15,000 miles at the end of your agreement, you could apply to keep your car for 1 or 2 more years and get a 20,000 mileage allowance each year.

You can use your Motability car to travel to and from work. It's meant to be used by, or for the benefit of, a disabled person. The insurance will cover social and domestic purposes including travel between home and work. You couldn't use it for unauthorised business purposes e.g. as a taxi or delivery car.

You have 3 options:

  • Choose your new Motability car for the next 3 years
  • Keep your car longer if you're eligible for a low mileage lease extension
  • Return the car and start getting your mobility allowance again

Because you use your allowance to cover the cost of the lease, it's only possible to get 1 car yourself. But there are no restrictions on how many Motability cars a household can have. If more than 1 individual gets the qualifying mobility allowance, you can have more cars. It won't affect anyone else's eligibility.

Yes. You'll have to contact RSA Motability (RSAM), who provide the insurance, and let them know the following details of the new driver:

  • Driving licence number
  • Any motoring convictions
  • Previous loss, damage or insurance claims in the past 5 years

The new driver will have to be around when you call so they can give their consent for their details to be checked with the DVLA.


  • Over 20 years of experience of the Motability scheme

  • Guaranteed part-exchange for your old car

  • Virtual demos of any car you are interested in

  • Home visit so you can test drive the car

  • Over 30 Motability-accredited specialists across our dealerships

  • Honest, friendly advice on the car best suited to your needs


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